Q:  What is Concierge Hair Service?

A:  Concierge Hair Service can mean many things.  At ODell4Hair Salon, it means that I schedule one client at a time.  As a result, you can expect on-time appointments with plenty of time just for you.  I will not be servicing any other clients while I am with you.  I do not double book or squeeze in additional clients during your scheduled appointment.  I do not use any assistants, interns or receptionists.  I created an open architecture design for ODell4Hair Salon with no hidden rooms where color is formulated or mixed.  There are also many comfort features including the best and most comfortable shampoo sink in the industry.  There is also lots of room for you and your coffee cup, your hand bag and cell phone or tablet.  Wireless connectivity is available at no extra charge.

Q:  What are your goals for ODell4Hair Salon?

A:  A return to sanity in the art and craft of hairdressing as it was at one time and which is especially needed here in Central PA.  My sole focus is on giving you beautiful hair in a comfortable, relaxing, professional and stress-free environment.

Q:  Where is ODell4Hair Salon located?

A:  On Central Boulevard, off exit 4 of 581 West nestled in the Triscari campus among a number of  Mediterranean style buildings.  ODell4Hair Salon is a lovingly restored carriage house built in the 1900s.  The space was restored in 2012 and specifically designed to create ODell4Hair Salon. 

Q:  What types of services do you offer?

A:  Haircutting, color and design.  As a Vidal Sassoon alumni, my focus will always be suitability of the cut and  believability of hair color with an eye on current fashion trends.  I create low maintenance haircuts which take into consideration the client's wishes, facial structure and hair texture to create the most appropriate and flattering look.  My attention is on creating beautiful, healthy hair that can be easily maintained and continues to look great long after the client has left my chair.  

Q:  Do you offer consultations?

A:  Yes.  I need to assess an individual's hair as well as get a sense of the person's desires so that the best hair cut and color can be created.  Consultations are free of charge.

Q:  How do you select the products that you use?

A:  I evaluate hair care products by looking for very high production standards, consistency and impact on the environment.  Only those products that can deliver healthy, vibrant and beautiful hair are utilized.  In the final analysis, one primary question must be answered: "Does it work?"

Q:  How do I make an appointment?

A:  Call me at (717) 991-6359.  If I do not answer your call immediately, please leave me a message and your call will be returned shortly.