ODell Trainer
ODell Family Relic
Bizarre salon names that have been encountered are shared here for a few laughs. 
Some favorites are bolded.
A Cut Above You
A Little Off The Top
Alter Professional Salon
Babes & Combs
Baby Cuts
Bad Kiddies Hair Salon
Bangs For The Memories
Beautiful Bob's
Betty Joes Palor Of Beauty
Betty's House of Style
Blond by Default
Buttercups Cuts & Such
Clipper Head
Clipping Penalty
Combing Attractions
Cost Cutters
Curl up and Dye
Cut & Blow Flo's
Cut It Now
Cut It Off Now
Cut Yer Kids
Cut You Long Time
Cut Your Head
Cutdown at Uptown
Cuts & Bruises
Cuts For Peanuts
David's Elegant Dos
Dee Dee Chop
Designing Head
Do-Me Do-You-Do
Dude I'm So Buzzed
The Dyeing Scotsmen
Dyeing to be Seen
E-Clips-ed by Rage
Exposure Salon Divas
Flying Scissor Maidens
Flying Scissors
Gee Eyed Janes Flat Tops
George Hair-ison's Solo Career
Get The Hell Out Of Hair
Girls for Curls
Hair and Beyond
Hair Apparent
Hair Care Bears
Hair Commandants
Hair Delay
Hair Flingers
Hair I Do
Hair It Be
Hair Logo Force 1
Hair Today
Hair Trap
Hair Wenches
Hairway to Heaven
Hannah and Her Scissors
Head Candy
Head Mistresses
Head People
Head Spins
Heads First
Headstop Chop
Hunters of Head
Jus Kut n Up
Lemon Tree
Los Angeles Clippers
Mane and Central
Mane Event
Mane-lining Hair-oin
Nasty Little Cuts
Nervous McStabby's Hair Care Place
No Conditioner To Drive
Not Your Mother's Place
Pecker Head Cuts
Penne & Capellini Salon Mode
Ramone's and Vito's House of Beauty
Razor Maids
Roller Blades
Rumplestiltsken Cuts
Salon Headlines
Salon Makado
Samson and Delilah's
She Cut Me
Shear Hostility
Shear Magic
Snippety Dippedy Bob Do
Splitting Hairs
Sweeney Todd's Stop & Chop
Tangled Up-N-Do's
The Bobshed
The Cutting Girls
The Final Cut
The Hair After
The Hair Port
The Hair Shack
The Hair-Cute-Techs
The Mane Reason My Parole  Was Revoked
The Razor's Edge
The Viet-Mane War Memorial
Tricks of the Trade
Why Won't You Dye?
Yankee Clippers
Victoria's Surreptitious Salon
How about "Odell Hair Trainer?" 
My mom used to put it on my hair and comb it when I was a mere wisp of a lad.
Used to make my hair hard as plastic.
I couldn't understand why she continued to use it on me everyday before I left for grade school, I figured that my hair had to be "trained" after all the uses!
Best Regards! 
Paul D

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